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El Querandi: tango e cena a Buenos Aires



Viaggio a base di Tango - El Querandi

Un affascinante locale di tango a Buenos Aires...per cenare e assistere a suggestivi Tango Show

The House

el querandi

This big house has been established in the city's historical district since 1867. Founded as a Bar in 1920, and restored in 1992, it is considered to be "a Living Testimony of Buenos Aires' Memory" by the Buenos Aires City Museum, and "Notable Bar" by the National Tourist Secretary.

An intimate atmosphere, with 200 guests capacity where romanticism remains between its Salomon columns, boisserie, and deep wooden lathe shavings.

History - The Name
The name "El Querandí" comes from the Argentinean natives called "The Querandíes", who inhabited the north of the Buenos Aires province, and the south of Santa Fe and Entre Rios.

Its History

In accordance to the Buenos Aires registry of cadastre, the property at the corner of Moreno and Peru was one of the first groups of houses at that time.
When Mr. Juan de Garay founded the city for the second time in the year 1583, he gave that property (it occupied a quarter of a block) to Alonso Gomez de Mármol.
In the year 1860, it used to be "The Modelo School", surrounded by the Buenos Aires Province' Government House on Moreno Street, and Doctor Luis Belaustegui's house on Peru Street.
The old colonial house of Peru and Moreno transforms itself into the Bar "El Querandí" for good in the year 1920. With an impressive art deco façade, and, in the inside to be highlighted, a superb cedar boisserie darkened with a walnut brown cover; its reserved place limited by Salomon columns, its chessboard-like floor; its majestic wooden-tinned bar, and its round tables accompanied by Viennese chairs.
From then on, The Querandí has been the meeting place for students from The "Nacional Buenos Aires" (a very prestigious school), and the Universities of Architecture, Engineering, and Exact Sciences. These people met previously at the "Manzana De Las Luces" (a property nearby). The Querandí was also the meeting place for poets, writers, and intellectuals of the time (Ernesto Sabato once said that he had waited for the rejection of his novel, The Tunnel", sat by one of its tables).
The house's specialty was the Ananá (Pineapple) Fizz and the "miga" sandwiches (prepared with the soft part of the bread). The students ordered that when they wanted to celebrate a successful examination, as it was cheap, and they did not have much money.
Time went by slowly…. By the end of the 70's the political context became darker, and The Querandí closed its doors. Abandoned, later occupied by homeless families and almost in ruins, the place was almost auctioned.
Fortunately, the Permanent Commission for the Historical Places' Preservation and the Buenos Aires City Museum Administration gave the alert of the historical and patrimonial importance of the building. Finally, in 1991, Bar Querandí S.A assumed the cost of the property's restoration as well as control over the bar and restaurant.

1992. Reopening

In July 1992, after a 12-year-period of silence, The Querandí opened its doors again, cross-stepping time and forgetfulness, having intact its esthetic, and its soul restored. Beautiful, tenacious, committed with its destiny of being the host once again, opening itself for the city to enjoy it as intensively as in the old times.

Dinner and Tango Show

The perfect combination of our history, a professional and cared service, our exquisite international cuisine "a la carte", and a tango show that touches our feelings due to its artistic quality and authenticity. An unforgettable night at The Querandí.

Tango Gala

The tango is, beyond doubt, the Argentinean most authentic artistic expression. It's a deep and genuine creation of the people's souls born by the end of the XIX century.
We want to homage this popular sentiment that gave birth to this artistic expression, being the Argentinean identity all over the world, through our show "Nuestro Tango".
It's directed by Carlos Rivarola, musical arrangements by Ado Falasca, wardrove by Maria Julia Bertoto, and lights by Roberto Traferri. "Nuestro Tango" suggests, an authentic ride through the history of the tango since its "arrabal" origins to the modernistic frenzy.

La Cava de El Querandi (Wine Storage Place)
Winery, Bar and Wine club Located in the city's historical district. An old house by the end of 1800, restored in the year 2004, under the supervision of the Historical Patrimony Direction.
The result: a warm atmosphere with the reminiscence of old times where minutes pass with no hurry, willing to embrace unforgettable moments.


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